Joining our Promo Team

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  • In the first instance please send a full Promo cv along with Professional photos (or at the very least clear and appropriate)
  • Your application will be assessed by our group bookers and if successful you will be invited to a casting
  • Please allow around 6 weeks for us to turn your application around as we get tonnes!
  • NB – We are old school and believe in meeting and getting to know all of our team personally
  • We do NOT accept online applications and have no online registration facility purposefully – after all personality is key in our industry and only the very best will be invited to join Team Treacle.


Read the below to give yourself the BEST possible chance of being invited to a casting:

As you can probably imagine we have loads of applications from talented Promotional staff to join our books. Wading through these applications is very time consuming and often very frustrating as lots of applications are missing vital pieces of information.

Please remember that you are applying, speculatively, for a job and your initial contact with us should reflect your talents, you as a person, show off your experience and character and always be professional.

The following points should help to increase your chances of being invited to a casting day – and hopefully begin the start of a beautiful working relationship :) Creating a professional first impression:

Add your nearest Town or City in the subject of your email 

This is so helpful and allows us to filter down areas we have scheduled casting days in – it also demonstrates your attention to detail as we always ask for this! Remember to add your CV This may sound obvious but you’d be surprised how many people don’t add it. Ensure it’s up to date, displays clearly your Promo experience and please check for spelling errors or incorrect grammar – you only get one chance to create a first impression.

Attach at least 5 clear photos of yourself

To be honest, the more the merrier as we work with such a wide range of clients who are after different specifics. Professional is always best if you have them, and a variety of different looks is good. We need to know what you look like though so please ensure they’re clear – and remember these are also held on file to send through to clients – so select the images you send through carefully.

We definitely don’t want the following please:

Selfies – this creates an unprofessional first impression. Pouty shots and your phone in vision aren’t acceptable and certainly aren’t something we’d forward to clients – if you don’t have professional shots ask a friend to take a picture of you against a plain background.

Tell us a bit about you! Our industry is all about communication. This is your chance to communicate to us about ‘you’. Sell yourself! Tell us what you’ve done, who you’ve worked for, why we’d love you and what you can bring to our agency including specialist skills, key attributes etc

Creating a bad impression: – You wouldn’t believe the number of applications we receive with ‘text speak’ and slang in them. This is totally unprofessional and unacceptable.

– Sending an email with no subject Who are you? What areas do you cover? Why are you contacting us? We’re not mind readers, and a clear subject title can mean your application gets processed far more quickly and efficiently.

– Not attaching a CV or any photos Be honest, you don’t really expect to get any further in the process without these do you?

It’s simple – Promotional work is all about clear communication, vibrant personalities, great presentation, initiative and a professional attitude. Incorporate all of these elements into your application to us and we’ll see you at a future casting day!

Look forward to working with you soon :)

Send your application through to

And add: -A relevant email subject – ideally your nearest Town or City or a specialist skill -Promo CV – ensuring it’s up to date -Photos – at least 5 clear photos and ideally professional -Showreel file or link – if applicable -A little flavour of YOU – make sure you add a note on email to tell us about you and why you’re fab