NEC Cycle Show

Staff for Exhibition stands is just one of our specialties, and we provide teams to all the major Exhibition destinations.

With a database of over 3000 talented product demonstrators, lead generators and Promotional Models we can supply the best Exhibition staff for your Product, Brand or service by selecting an Ambassador that truly reflects the image of your brand, with a range of skills to help you maximise your presence.

Veho tasked us to provide an attractive and intelligent team to demonstrate their products at the NEC Cycle Show. With such a specific target consumer it was essential we ‘cast’ individuals who were knowledgeable and passionate about cycling and outdoor pursuits with an engaging personality coupled with sales skills and experience in Lead Generating.

Veho is a UK based manufacturer of unique and desirable lifestyle consumer electronics. With 5 global offices and sales distribution in over 100 countries Veho has fast become a household name for lifestyle gadgets and new technology worldwide.